Pancake day, the best day ever!

Well definitely so far this year. I truly believe  pancake day should be an official holiday, then I wouldn’t have had to drag my hungover ass out of bed at an unearthly hour to take care of this need before work. 

In the last few month around Victoria, London has finally got interesting food options, thank you Nova building!!! 8 years I have worked around this areaand there  weren’t a lot of near by options for good reasonably priced food. That is, except Tavistock Street Market where you can get an amazing falafel wrap for £3.50. 

So today it wax Timmy Green’s, part of the Daisy Green Collective. These are Australia inspired cafes around London (Turns out there are way more than I thought). In my opinion, some of the best coffee & breakfast places are Aussie, and no I do not believe I am biased 🙂

Normally I am a savoury breakfast person (eggs are the best) but today it was sugar, sugar, sugar. We got the banana bread for the table – that way the table gets the calories- and split the pancakes & coconut bread french toast. Pancakes were great, nice and light with blueberries in them (yum). But the coconut bread french toast, now that was a game changer. Really light and went beautifully with the yogurt, mango & strawberries it was served with. Oh, and of course the banana bread was great. Aussies are expert banana bread people so there was no surprise there. 

I got eyes on the Bondi breakfast as well, definitely had food envy even knowing how great mine tasted. My pal @daniel_killick said it was amazing, so that’s for next time.  As is the hot & healthy greens, I really want those. 

And the staff were great. Really friendly and attentive without being annoying. Just what was needed with a dirty hangover 

Value for money: bang on. Portions are big, produce is top quality and prices are reasonable. Coffees, juices, breakfast and share banana bread with tip was just under a £20. 

Reservations: yes they take them. We were a group of 9 and it was no problem. It’s a decent size space but I would say it’s worth making a reservation. 

Service: fantastic. Food wasn’t particularly quick out but I don’t expect that with a big group. We had part of our party arrive late and their food was still able to come out with the group. 

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