An Aussie icon: Fork-in Pies, Santa Monica LA

Nothing says Aussie like a good pie, and when we are living abroad, we will hunt them down.

Living in the UK, finding tastes of home was a lot easier- it still required some effort, but over the years it became better and better. More and more Aussie coffee shops and cafes opened up and even after the Aussie Shop closed (very sad), I could still traipse over to the Docklands to a random offie that stocked chips, chocolate and Allens lollies.

Now I’m in LA, I am on a mission to find all my home comforts that  I can. First I found some good coffee on Fairfax: Paramount Coffee Project. Next up was discovering Fork-in Pies. Even if it wasn’t an Aussie place I wouldn’t have been able to miss this- I love a good play on words name.

Wood panel wall featuring For in Pies
Fork-in Pies feature wall

So, what’s the story with Fork-in pies? It’s on Main Street on the edge of Santa Monica/Venice and is bringing a version of the Aussie pie to LA. If you read their chalk boards you’ll see up in the shop, apparently the chef tried a pie for the first time and thought ‘dry and bland’. Not sure where he was getting a pie from but it definitely wasn’t Dunsborough or Pinjarra Bakery or even a good old Mrs Mac’s at the cricket  (ok, I’ve only one that once but it was good).

Pinjarra bakery ie
Pie by the river- Home-style happiness

Anyway, Fork-in Pies have slowed down the pie making process (they are taking 3 days for these beauties) and delivering on a flavoursome pie in a buttery, crumbly pastry. There’s a decent selection of flavours and I believe you can order family sizes.

Fork-in Pies pie selection
Pie Selection, Fork-in Pies

Fork-in Pies story
Fork-in Pies story

We opted for a classic steak and Shiraz along with an American-twist: pulled pork with mac n cheese. They were both really good, but my favorite was the steak & Shiraz. 

Usually they stack them here ie put your side either or under your pie but because Al & I were sharing we opted for it on the side. I also got some gravy on the side. I am a massive gravy fan and always get confused by the white gravy over here, but it was delicious— it’s the little shot glass in the pic. 

Fork- in Pie: pulled pork
Fork- in Pie: pulled pork & mac n cheese

Fork-in Pies steak & shiraz
Fork-in Pies steak & shiraz plus an essential Coopers
You’ll also find 2 classic dessert items: lamingtons and anzac biscuits. Sadly, there were no anzac biccies left but we did get a lamington. These were a bit of a let down. The sponge is too heavy and the chocolate not right (I am blaming American cocoa on this). Not to worry, I make a pretty good Anzac and can work on my lamington. 
Fork-in pies Lamington
Lamington- couldn’t resit a pre photo bite

I’ll definitely go back for a pie craving and am interested in their breakie rolls, described as like a sausage roll but with a croissant pastry (yum).

I’ll continue my hunt for the tastes of home in LA, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. At a minimum for survival I need a regular supply of vegemite as I’m nearly finished the one from Jax’s visit.


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