Ain’t no party like a Vegas party: Las Vegas, Nevada

Ah Vegas, you are always a stack of fun! Add in friends flying in from across the world and you are amazing!

Let me set the scene for you: we took a party bus from LA to Vegas. Al has wanted to do this for so long and everything was in alignment to make it happen for him (and by that I mean he did all the research, picked the party bus and convinced everyone). Ok, it wasn’t as fun as my niece’s party bus for her 21st (missing a stripper pole), but it was fun. And, I would say it did the job- we arrived in Vegas drunk.

This trip we stayed in the new Park MGM. It was still going through some teething issues but I think they compensated for that well. It’s not a huge casino floor, but it has everything you need, most important of all: Best Friend, Roy Choi’s new restaurant which I was super excited about.

First night we decided to see a beautiful little story about a young man with a lot of …. heart: Magic Mike. So, the show is super cheesy, but intentionally. In mine & Jax’s opinion, not enough nudity. We were sitting in the back, thinking we were safe from any stripper interaction, that was not the case. They get everywhere!

Also on our agenda of pre- New Years Eve, we booked a table at the Wynn to see Diplo. It is totally worth booking a table when you go with a group of friends. Yes, the drinks are expensive, but you’re going to buy them anyway so you may as well get the bottle service that comes with the table. Plus they have little drawers to tuck your stuff in! Very clever. Diplo played a great set, but that did not come as a surprise to me. I have now decided that going out on New Year’s Adam is way more fun that New Year’s Eve, way less hype and expectation PLUS, about half the price of New Year’s Eve!

Everything else we did this trip was all centered around food (which you can find out about here). It was freezing cold when we were there which no one expected (there was snow) so we just wanted to stay indoors. We didn’t even bother going out to watch the fireworks, just watched them from the window of our suite, hey that’s why we got strip views.

Of yeah, we did one important outdoor outing: shopping! The outlets are really close so we hit those up as well as the ones in the casinos. This always seems to take all of my money, way more than gambling does. Though this trip, we got suckered into Wheel of Fortune game because Chris kept winning big on it. Sadly, we did not win big so still no Fendi for me 😦

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