10,000 steps in LA: Chinatown & Olvera street

Our air bnb has this book, 10,000 steps a day in LA and I am loving it. It maps out really good walk routes for you with easy instructions and a bit of information about what you’re seeing (but not too much for my attention span 😉)

Some how I managed to read the downtown description and get us to a start point only to discover I’d brought the instructions for China Town, oh well. 

So our start point was the City Hall building. This is a beautiful art deco building and the best part- Monday to Friday until 5pm you can go up to the observation deck for free and look over the city! Awesome activity. 


​​To get back on track with the actual walk I brought with us, it was a walk down to China Town. This China Town is huge! I can’t wait to go and eat some yummies here, so many options! Plus the Far East Plaza had some really good looking spots. 

Then it was off to Union Station. Yet another gorgeous Art Deco building. It just makes you want to catch a train going anywhere, all very romantic. So spacious and gorgeous big leather seats for you to sink into while waiting for your train. 

A quick step across the road and you get to Olvera Street. Surrounded by some nice old buildings and a little market. You can also find LAs oldest house down here (which, no, is not that old on European standards). 

The final part of this tour is a salute to the Japanese- American relationship. There’s a monument weirdly located in the middle of a car park dedicated to the Japanese- Americans who fought in wars. It must have had something around before because it is an odd spot. 

You’ll finish up in little Tokyo. To me this looked like a series of different restaurants and as I love Japanese food, I’ll be back to explore. 

So, considering LA is not a walking city, this book is proving to be very useful. You definitely see more walking around it you do need to be prepared to see some things that reflect the grimier side of the city- but don’t worry, the good far out weighs the bad. 

I nearly forgot! We found a great bar called 5 stars to quench our thirst in after. They were playing some great tunes and only serve ice cold beer. Simple things are often the best. Plus there pool tables. 

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