Beautifully authentic Italian, Pizzeria Il Fico, Mid-City West, LA

Oh Italian food, you are amazing. Cheese, carbs and everything good. Getting ready to win massive brownie points I found a great place that was gluten free. Apparently Il Fico is one of the few restaurants in LA that make their own GF pasta!

Il Fico specialises in Pugliese food and my god it was delicious. I actually felt like I had been transported to Southern Italy with a waiter who was just lovely. Everything on the menu can be ordered as gluten free so there’s no ‘you can have this but not that’ that the gf’s normally get. I of course do not need gf but Mana Brown said the gf pasta was amazing. 

I had been having a craving for a good lasagna for ages- one of those cravings where you just can’t get it out of your head. I’d been to Argo a couple of weeks before and ordered lasagna but was so disappointed (just layers of pasta with no meat between it), I think it just made my craving worse. 

So, it was with a little hesitation that I ordered the lasagna here. Well, let me say, this did not disappoint. It was everything you want in a lasagna, like it was homemade by your best ever grandma. I got so engrossed in it that I didn’t even offer any to anyone else to try and I didn’t try their dishes.  Oops. That is not like me. This is how bad this craving had been.

By dessert I was able to remember my manners again 🙂 I was actually too full but our amazing waiter convinced us to look. More like, teased Mama Brown by how many gf option there were. 

We ended up ordering 3 gf desserts: tiramisu (seriously!), warm chocolate cake and a pineapple carpaccio. They were all amazing, but all I could manage was a taste of each. Mama Brown and Al were super happy with their dessert explosion. Papa Brown went for the lemon tart which was lovely- tart but not too tart. Note, the tart was not gf- but he didn’t care 😜

The restaurant was just charming. It was such a pleasure to sit and have a great meal with great service. I really am looking forward to going back, definitely need to try their pizza and that shrimp & mushroom spaghetti. I also discovered that they sell their sauces!! Amazing! I’m getting some of those.

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood restaurant in Beverley that is reasonably priced and tastes like beautiful home cooking, If Fico is the one.

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