Ain’t no party like a pizza party: A Tutta Pizza Fest Hollywood, LA.

Things I shouldn’t get excited about: being invited to a pizza party.

Things I get super excited about: being invited to a pizza party!!!

I got an invite to A Tutta Pizza at the Hollywood Palladium, and life doesn’t get much better than that! Even the sun knew to turn up!

This was a nicely run event: easy check in, branded pizza box to keep my stash of favourites in, a great selection of vendors and tables with benches so you could sit down and feast. Oh and most important of all, good, proper, Italian pizza. Talk about heaven.

I’m always interested in knowing if VIP is worth it at an event, and for this one, I say yes. Not for the glass of prosecco, which is nice, but because the tasting sizes were bigger before the crowds came. Next year I’ll definitely stick with VIP.

I was so focused on the awesome pizza I nearly missed some of the others things at the event but they had everything you want- ice cream, lots of beers, cocktails and talks from different chefs (interesting, when I came up for air). The real useful part with these things, is it gives your tummy a little break so you can have more pizza!

Back to the pizza! Narrowing down for favorites was hard, but the good news is I have heaps of yummy places to go check out.

So here’s my favs:

La Morra for the best base & overall pizza. I’m obsessed with good pizza base, it makes or breaks the pizza. I want a balance of flavour, thin & crispy with some chew to it and a puffed up edge. Well done La Morra, you’re base was the shit. I raved about it to anyone I spoke to.

I also loved your perfectly simple toppings: great sauce, garlic, anchovy & capers. No cheese to distract you. I love cheese, but I didn’t miss it at all. Plus normally I am not an anchovy fan but this umami hit was just too good.

I have been to Naples, and eaten a lot of pizza, you have done them proud with your version.

Best topping: Olive Wood Pizza with their bacon blue. Everything was working with this one. The blue wasn’t over powering, just enough to make you want more, so I had it.

Other ones I liked:

Prova: the first one I tried of the day. Lovely light base and not over sauced. Worth heading to their restaurant to try more

The Urban Oven: super crispy base, no sauce to speak of but fontina cheese, rocket, prosciutto & grape. The grape was what lifted it to the next level.

There were plenty of others there, but these were the stand outs for me and where I’m going next time I’m looking for pizza.

I nearly forgot: the super cute mobile pizza ovens everywhere!! I loved these and feel like my life will not be complete until I have one. In a more realistic note: next time I get married I’m having one of these for the reception. Feel free to steal that idea. Or just for a cool party.

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