Songs from the 90s with the LA Gay Men’s Choir: Alex Theatre Glendale

Originally when I bought these tickets I thought it was hip hop from the 90s that they were doing, but I was wrong. It’s important to note though: the show still did not disappoint.

The LA gay men’s choir is amazing! The organization has been around since 1979 and, as you can imagine, has been through a lot. During the performance they shared some of this history with a moving performance of Candle in the Wind. It was beautiful, and important to hear some of what they have been through. The rest of the show, however, was pure, unadulterated fun.

Things I absolutely loved about this show:

  • The music: how could you not! Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, Nirvana! Everything you could possibly want

  • The stand out stars: did you really think there wouldn’t be any? And I’m not talking about the awesome guys who took lead on some songs. I’m talking about the ones in the chorus who stood out from the crowd with their enthusiasm.

  • The outfits: more amazingness! I kept scanning the crowd to look for the best interpretations of the theme and they did not disappoint. This was potentially my favourite part of the show.
  • Santa was there!! Who knew that Santa’s favourite thing to do on the off season is sing in the chorus!

The chorus has regular gigs and if you haven’t been, you 100% should! Not only are they just good fun, but they do some great outreach work which you should be supporting.

After looking at the website I now know what I’ll be doing as part of my Christmas season this year. I can’t wait! Anyone else out there been to one of their shows?

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