Brunch at Blacksmith, DTLA

Blacksmith has been on my list of places to try for AGES! Mainly because of Instagram posts like this:

My number 1 person to share a Mac n cheese like that is Jax. So you would think with her over for a visit I would have checked that the Mac is on the brunch menu when I booked it 😂😂😂😂

Luckily, everything else is delicious too.

The weather in LA was miserable, but we bundled ourselves up, pretended we all didn’t have colds and made our way downtown. LA does not know how to handle the cold & rain (and neither do I anymore)! The restaurant is a beautiful big space with a great patio which it was way too cold to be on, which was kind of true about the inside was as well. Luckily LA is rarely cold so it won’t be a problem again!

Right, so what did we have?

Short rib Benedict: definitely not your traditional bennie. Awesome potato’s instead of a muffin, the hollandaise has a splash of tabasco and was made really well. Normally I’m not big on a lot of hollandaise, but this was good. And is slow cooked short rib ever bad? Of course not.

Chicken chilaquiles: I think we all know I love chilaquiles and find it hard to go past them on a menu. The salsa verde was really good. Definitely worth ordering.

The waitress advised a sweet dish for the table, and when you get given advice like that, you just have to take it.

Brie & Caramelized Apple Pancakes: wow! Huge, pancakes and the Brie & apple combo was interesting, good interesting. Honestly though, I was stuffed after our other dishes. That of course did not stop Al who was too stuffed to have some short rib (unheard of!) from his chicken, biscuits & gravy BUT managed to devour half the pancakes. I think it’s fair to say, he liked them.

As I said, lucky it was all delicious, cause I have to for dinner so I can get my hands on that Mac n cheese!

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