Mini-golf: Swingers, London 

Tucked under ground near The Gherkin you’ll find Swingers. 2 courses, a nice bar and some food stalls makes it a one stop shop for a good night out. 

Man was it busy on a Saturday night! As a result I thought it best to order double drinks, this may have been where I went wrong. By the time I got to our late tee time I was not at my golfing finest. 

Food wise there’s some good options. Patty & bun for good quality burgers, pizza pilgrims (yum) and Hoppers (a representative of the Soho restaurant I’m still yet to try). None of these options is going to disappoint you- until someone (not naming names, Al) comes back with burger, wings & chip for themselves but forgets yours. 

Basically this place is just a great night out and doesn’t break the bank. I’ve been twice and both times it has been heaps of fun. They play good music and you just can’t beat mini golf. 

Value for money: excellent. £12 for a round of golf, reasonable priced food and an exstensive drinks menu 

Service: not hugely relevant. The bar can be a bit slow with offering so many fiddly cocktails but nothing too dramatic. 

Reservations: most definitely. We didn’t have one and got there at 6 but couldn’t get a tee time till 10.40 (another reason why my golfing was not great). 

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