Happiness is a burger: Dip & Flip, Battersea

3 attempts in 4 days to have a burger!!! 2 fails this week 1 with delivery not bringing all the order & another with an Al failure meant by Sunday I was gettting a little obsessed, which can put a lot of pressure on a burger!

Bring on Dip & Flip! I would call this a consistently good burger so a nice safe option for such a high pressure scenario. I’ve previously only been up to the Brixton location but understand that the Battersea one is the original. Brixton is absolutely a better looking physical space, but as excpected, the burgers here did not fail me. 

The Classic meal choice for me requires a friend so I can split a meat burger and a chicken one. Dip & Flip is all about the gravy – man do I love gravy- your burger comes with a bowl for you to dip your burger which means this is one of the few places I am not looking for hot sauce. 

The chicken burger is a good crumbed & fried piece of breasttgat is super tasty. The best thing is they beat it out like a schnitzel so your chicken piece is bigger than your bun. This seems to be a rarity in London where I always seem to end up with half a bun & no chicken. 

On the menu you will also find the dip & flip which is where your burger come already pre-dipped in gravy, while I’ve never actually had it I have seen it. I put it in the category of not for me, I like the dish of gravy on the side instead. 

Added to some great burgers are the disco fries – but they don’t call them that- cheese & gravy! What did somebody say a little heaven, most definitely!

There are a few locations in London which is helpful and it will never disappoint. Thank you Dip & Flip, my burger emergency is over. 


Value for money:  good. Decent size burgers, great ingredients. We aren’t talking £3 burgers, they sit more in the £7 category but 100% worth it 

Service: quick

Reservations: not necessary. Even if they are packed it is quick turn around. 

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