A laugh a minute, or maybe more: The Comedy Store, LA

Twice now I’ve headed over to the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd for a good priced evening of fun, and it’s delivered both times. Tickets are reasonably priced – $20 and a 2 drink minimum –  and you are guaranteed at least a giggle, not bad in my opinion. I’m not sure why I hardly ever did this in London, they’ve got a pretty good scene for it, but it feels like it’s going to be a regular thing over here. 

The Comedy Store in Hollywood can definitely be called an LA icon. It’s been around since the 1970s with the Shore family (yes, think Pauly Shore) and has been known as a breeding ground for great comedy pretty much the whole time. I really liked, when I read up a bit more about the history, that this business was made great by a woman, Mitzi. If you think about it, it was pretty unusual at the time, but The Comedy Store’s success came from her ability to change the business model and turn it profitable. Good on you girl. 

Little tip: be there for ‘doors open’ time. Unless you are buying VIP booth or front row tickets it’s a first come, first served system.  Both times I’ve gone it has been a queue situation, but we’ve gotten great seats each time. As you walk in the building be sure to look at all the frames photos on the wall cataloging the history of the building.  You are sure to see comedians you know, looking significantly younger than the last time you saw them. 

Then it’s a case of sitting down and enjoying your show. You’ll have several acts to watch, so if one isn’t to your taste don’t worry about it, the next one probably will be. My sense of humor could probably be described as eclectic so I’ve liked everyone I’ve seen. My favourite has to be Rhys Darby though. There’s something about a Southern Hemisphere sense of humour that’s different (I noticed this in London too.). I’m not sure if it’s accents, the delivery or what, but as a general rule people from my side of the world make me cry laughing. 

2nd tip: warm cookies. They’re delicious. The club sells bar food but I’ve only tried the cookies. Totally worth it. 

Having gotten tickets I now get the regular email from the club about the acts. These are worth looking over- they give you a heads up of the acts (you can be surprised at the great names that turn up, I saw Judd Apatow) but also of the deals going on. 

So, it seems Comedy is a thing for LA Jill. I’m good with that. 

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