Exploring the Swan Valley: Perth, AUSTRALIA

I love the Swan Valley! My family & I head out every time I come home. Not just because it’s where I got married, but because it’s beautiful and full of wine!

There are heaps of vineyards in the Valley so you will never go thirsty!!! This year we made 2 trips out- that’s how good it is!

Supa Golf at the Swan Valley Oasis

You can’t go past a Supa Golf day! The grounds of the Swan Valley Oasis are gorgeous. This time we went to Mash Brewery they didn’t have any take aways cold which was annoying, so for safety sake you’ll want to pack a little esky for drinks- golf is thirsty work.

Supa-golf is like a mini golf/ real golf hybrid. It’s fun, but I am crap at it. I always forget until we start playing that the game takes forever because we are not a golf gifted family!!

Mash Brewery

Right next to the Swan Valley Oasis you are going to want to stop in at Mash after a round of golf. Lots of room inside and a great food menu to support the beers & wine. Like any good brewery, they have a tasting flight, but here you can choose what goes in it.

We tested out the sticky bbq octopus which was fantastic! Charred octopus cooked beautifully with a great sticky sauce. Calamari, because why wouldn’t you, obligatory garlic bread and the baton plate.

Margaret River Chocolate Factory

Aussie chocolate is the best, second only to Swiss (in my biased opinion). The chocolate factory does a chocolate and wine pairing which is totally worth doing. I think it’s about $40 and you get a tasting PLUS you’ll walk away with a bottle of chocolate liqueur. Well worth it, but I’d like to have had more red.

Full disclosure: we were in the Swan Valley for a 21st, which means my photos are not meant for public consumption πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The Ugly Duckling

This is a great spot!! Outdoor tables available, a market that pops up on Sundays and a bit of live music. The red wine went down well (maybe too well) though I found the whites too sweet. Oh and they have amazing value cheese & charcuterie boards. Really amazing. They are loaded full of great meats & cheese saying they feed 4 people, but it’s way more.

You could not be more relaxed than the Ugly Duckling. Not fancy, just really comfy and a great experience.

The Duckstein Brewery

Lots of fun! Beers flow, much loved (not by me) sparkling mango drink and fun music. The musician made a rule that he only did requests if people sang with him, and I’m proud to say, my family made him regret that!

There is something for everyone in the Swan Valley. If you’re visiting Perth, it’s a no brained, go out there and enjoy.

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