Hanging in the city: Perth, Australia.

There’s been a lot of change in Perth while I’ve been away: aside from what looks like an increase of traffic on the roads, the city has had a revamp of restaurants. Just off William Street is a little arcade that’s got a few good and affordable places.

Important word of warning though: it’s still Perth. Everything shuts early.

Brotzeit is an international chain of German restaurants banging out a decent meals of giant portions. We did a mega group so opted for the platters. The platters are in the $100-150 range and totally worth getting.

Everyone was pretty happy with the ribs & pork knuckle, they aren’t things I opt for though so I stuck to the sausages, which were tasty.

I thoroughly recommend getting the mash potatoes- lovely and creamy. Not going to lie, I also really enjoyed the onion rings (even though I would not expect them on a German menu).

East Village: pretty much burgers and American style food like loaded fries. People were pretty happy with the burgers, loaded fries were great, but avoid the steak sandwich. It was very sad and tasteless. Annoyingly, they only do the chicken schnitzel sandwiches during the day, so I had a little sulk about that. One of the things this place has going for it is that it stays open later than the others.

The Globe: my niece calls this the old persons bar 😂 it was pretty busy on a Friday night with a guy singing & playing a guitar. I prefer the Aviary from my last visit, but it does the job.

We also went across to Yagan Square. It’s got potential but it gets mank at night. The Shoe has an outdoor deck so you can watch over everything, and look at the Christmas lights stuff but it’s not a place for the family to hang out really. Slightly annoying, as I was looking forward to doing the Christmas lights trail and the first stop was off putting for everyone when someone tried to fight my niece. Not cool.

So to be fair, nothing that really ‘wows’ you, but places you can definitely create your own fun.

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