A taste of Brunswick, Victoria AUSTRALIA

20 hours in Melbourne for a taste of Brunswick!! Ok one of my oldest friends lives there, that was the real reason for going BUT, he was very excited to show us the hood.

After a 16 hour flight from LA, the first stop had to be a good breakfast. The local favourite was Brunswick Foodstore, and for good reason. It’s a big, open space delivering on good food & coffee. I’ve got to say, I was very excited about a good cup of coffee. The food is middle eastern fusion, which I’m really into.

I went for the Baba Egg: babagaboush on toast with an avocado & tomato salsa topped with a poached egg. You can add bacon or secuk, my choice, obviously, was the secuk, which was a massive amount. This dish tasted amazing. Light but full of flavour. Filling, but not leaving you feeling grossly full after.

Al got the breakfast mezze. An excellent choice! Falafel (really good ones), secuk, labneh, great bread- what more can you ask for!

So, we definitely could have checked out more scenery: but with 20hrs in Melbourne, that was not the priority.

The priority was our friends. And what do friends who have known each other for 20 years do? Go to a local brewery!! Just took us to Inner North Brewing, one of his locals that he hadn’t checked out yet. It’s a great space. Nice, old school 70s warehouse conversion. I love seeing people make their dreams happen, and this is one of those places. You can see the work they are doing converting the place. Good beer, good wine. What more can you ask for.

So, 20 hours in Brunswick was a good taste tester. Definitely way more places to explore next time. We’ll just need more time in Melbourne.

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