Girl date brunch: Little Prince, Santa Monica

How good is a Saturday morning girl date! It’s a perfect weekend thing to do- get in a good excersize class first, and the justifiably, go stuff yourself rotten at a good brunch place!

I’ve been instagram stalking chef Ari Taymor for a few months now, his food always looks beautiful and sounds like such amazing collections of flavours. I’m not sure how I hadn’t clicked that Little Prince had opened down the road, but I finally did.

So that was the plan: spin at Cycle House followed by Little Prince brunch. Luckily, Katie was 100% on board with the idea. Now, I’ll admit we went a little too far with an 8am class. Especially because I have this stupid tendency to decide to drink half my wine collection the night before I need to get up early! But I did it, dragged myself out and on my bike to ride up there (only 5 mins late!)

Cycle House is a decent studio. The Santa Monica studio is never packed when I go, but they do a good class. Plus she played Dizzy Rascal, you never hear him in LA!

But now for the important stuff, Little Prince. It’s a nice light space with the wood fire oven on display (yes I’m a sucker for this). But the menu is what is going to suck up all of your attention. I honestly want to eat everything on it!

So what did we get?

Well the waitress mentioned brioche, sourdough, other baking words, cinnamon sticky buns: I was not going past those! I believe my response was “regardless of what happens here today, I want one of those to take away”. They don’t actually do take away, but they’ll box ‘what you don’t eat’. In reality, you will not be able to resist trying it fresh from the oven. It’ll taste like heaven. The tough part is going to be stopping. But you’ll have to so you can fit in other things. The good news is, it’ll still taste amazing when you’re lying in the couch watching Netflix later.

One of the daily specials was a whipped goats cheese and beets on Clark Street bread. Wonderful. You don’t have to fight the bread like you sometime have to and the flavours were all so subtly aligned. It felt really light and I am categorizing it as healthy.

From the standard menu: Little Prince green pea pancake. YUM! Get the poached egg on top and ask if they have any fresh chopped chili for it (I forgot, but ask, I think it will be phenomenal). I hated peas as a child like pretty much everyone, but now, damn they’re good. This one is definitely healthy, so have a little bite of sticky bun after.

Also off the standard menu: Wood fire baked eggs in summer veg, labne & flat bread. Add the merguez, it’s 100% worth it.

It’s pretty much impossible to pick a favourite. I love that they encourage sharing brunch dishes (which I do anyway) because then it makes it acceptable to over order (which I do anyway).

When you read their ‘about’ it says “an idea to bring to life the feeling and culture of a faraway land to LA”. Congratulations guys, you did it! I get a definite feel of middle eastern fusion with some dishes, some tastes of home and more that I can’t put my finger on. But I love it. I can’t wait to try the rest of the menu.

Oh!! You can reserve! That’s important.

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