Chainsmokers, Camden 

What a gig! If you can get tickets to any of the Chainsmokers shows, absolutely do it! 

We started off for pre drinks at the Worlds End. There’s nothing amazing about this pub, but it is huge and reasonably priced. It’s kind of eclectic inside and they seem to go for a mix of heavy rock & metal music. Basically, not somewhere I’d actively go but fit for purpose. 

After a few swift bottles of wine it was down the road to the Roundhouse. This has to be one of my favourite venues in London. You’re never too far from the stage and there is always space to shake your ass. 

So back to the gig, phenomenal!

 I caught these guys at Coachella last year but didn’t get to see their whole set so was super psyched for the gig. Every tune was bang on. The only crap thing was my ankle still being busted, I wanted desperately to be jumping around but not even wine & tequila shots was going to make that happen. They played all the recent songs and other mixed with some great, chunky beats. I put some snippets up on my Snapchat but haven’t worked out how to insert a video here yet 😦


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