Outdoor cinemas, the ultimate sign of summer: LA

I absolutely love outdoor cinemas. I think it takes me back to the picture gardens when I was little living up north in West Australia – not much beats it, especially as I am a massive movie fan. 

I tried a few outdoor events in London, but it always involved blankets or makeshift tents so I am really excited about exploring the outdoor movie scene for LA. I don’t know that there is a city in the world better than here for this. 

So first up was Rooftop Cinema Club – turns out it’s the same club I joined in London, though I’m   pretty sure my membership wasn’t transferable. Anyway, like in London, they set up outdoor cinema events on the roofs of different buildings across the city (I know, who would have guessed). We were at the LEVEL in Downtown LA to see Logan. 

It’s a great spot with a decent size screen and the tent style seats I am used to. An important point to note is that you must pre-buy drinks here. There’s popcorn on offer and I’m pretty sure a few other bits and pieces, but not a lot of food to be had, though I’d call that not a big deal as there are plenty of good places DTLA to eat ahead of time. 

You’ll watch your movie with headphones and if it gets a little chilly they have blankets for you. The tickets sell out fairly quickly so keep an eye on the website for different dates getting launched. 

Second option that I have tested comes to you from Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetry. Now it does not get any more LA than this!  You take a picnic and a blankets and get settled in for the evening. You can take in wine and beer or you can buy some there if you want plus they are cooking up burgers. It’s an amazing experience here, I’ve already booked 2 other movies, that’s how much I loved it!


We saw the Usual Suspects and one of the cast was even there watching it! There’s no headphones for this movie experience which I definitely prefer. Tip: do get in early, I’m pretty sure it’s always a sell out and you will want to get there early enough to get a good spot for your picnic blanket, lesson learnt. 

Cinespia puts on a great event and I am psyched for our next movies. I’m also really looking forward to exploring more venue options as I have seen plenty more on offer. 

Oh and before I forget- it’s probably worth prepaying parking to save you hassle. 

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