Winner, winner chicken dinner: Sweet Chicks, Fairfax LA

I am not really a fried chicken person but I love the IDEA of fried chicken. My issue stems with only liking breast meat, and most places doing arms & legs. But I don’t like this to stop me, I still like to atempt a fried chicken place every now and then and get annoyed and have a sore tummy 😝 Besides, Al LOVES fried chicken and today I had done hot yoga and run so figured I had some calories up my sleeve. 

So it was off to Sweet Chick on Fairfax. I always figure that there will be a salad if things don’t work out. But this time, it wasn’t just arms and legs! I was able to get my General Tso chicken & broccoli waffles exactly how I wanted. My god it was good. The General Tso spiciness was perfect – no need for any kind of hot sauce to be added. 

The waffles? I would say perfect. Waffles are another thing I want to be in to but I’m really not. These were great – like the bottom of a fluffy, yummy Yorkshire pudding. Mmmm

Other things we tasted – though this list could have been much bigger, very easily :

Mac n cheese:  I think the best I’ve had in awhile.  Not overly heavy, nice big bits of pasta and a clear but delicate cheese taste. Plus not a massive portion which is actually how I like my mac

Mash potato & gravy: so smooth & creamy. I could eat this all day. You could slather more gravy on for my taste, but I like to drown it in good gravy. 

Pork belly nuggets: personally I didn’t try them but Al said it was exactly as expected, delicious nugget sized bites of pork belly

For me, this meal ticked all the boxes I didn’t know I needed to tick. Never again will I say I’m not a chicken & waffle girl 

And the good news- leftovers! I love a doggie bag and America is amazing for it. I’ll be putting a poached egg & some spinach with my leftover chicken & waffle. Not sure what Al will be having, he hasn’t mastered leftovers yet 😝

Value for money: We haven’t worked out what’s ‘reasonable’. It basically came out to 160 including tip with 2 from starters, 2 from mains, 1 from sides and drinks. In no surprises, drinks was half the bill. 

Service: the staff are really nice. I expect good service in the states and they deliver it, but add in a sense of genuine friendliness and I don’t think you can ask for much more 

Reservations: yup. Probably worth it too, especially if you are coming over especially for it. We waited 30 mins at about 8.30 on a Wednesday night. It’s a great space that feels really spacious, but not actually that large. 

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