Mid-week super breakfast 

I’m not going to lie, I will look for any excuse to go for a good breakfast! So my time being based in Westminster/ Pimlico, London  coming to an end seemed like  as good as any! 

I’ve had Daylesford Cafe in Pimlico on my list for months and months (I reckon about 8) and I’ve finally dragged myself out. It’s a big space, over two floors with light clean lines.  You’ll find a deli downstairs and the cafe upstairs with both communal and small tables. 

I went for the pea & avocado on sourdough. Delicious! I find the pea really lightens up the dish, then when you add in the herbs and pumpkin seeds I definitely felt like I had made a healthy choice. 

My buddy went for one of the daily specials – pancakes & bacon (pancakes are her cryptonite). Pancakes were not great, more like hot cakes. The bacon was good if you like lots of fat crispy bacon 🥓 and the pile was massive. It’s a shame the pancakes let this down. 

Food value for money: reasonable price, good quality, big portions. 

Reservations:  we didn’t have one but it was early. Could see it filling up so would definitly book on the weekend. 

Service: poor side of average. Staff were slow. It also took ages to get the bill. I find this super frustrating, if you’re going to be quick on anything then it should be taking the money! 

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