Tromso, Norway 

It can be a mission to get here, especially with a snow storm, but it’s worth the journey. Tromso is an amazing base for Northern Lights chasing and a bit of arctic exploration.

I’m not usually a fan of tours- something to do with being told what to do doesn’t sit well with me- but from previous experience with Norway, a tour is a smart move. My buddy, @eternalnomad who has made several trips to Tromso, recommended Chasing Lights and they definitely exceeded expectations.

We did an fjord explorer day excursion which took us to lots of interesting (and for me unpronounceable and unspellable) places. I’d say two things made this trip – other than the stunning scenery:

1. Our enthusiastic guide Hermann. It had been awhile since Hermann had done a day trip (he normally does Lights chases) and was so excited by our super sunny day. He took heaps of gorgeous pictures for us which were all available quickly in a drop box for us. Talk about service!

2. Their ability to think on their feet. A truck had slid off the road and there was no way we could get past to continue our planned trip. Within 2 minutes they had a new option for us that ended up with us having lunch with a stunning view.

Night time was the lights chase with David. I had real doubts that we were going to get a show with the crappy weather we landed in (and the way my luck had been going) and only being able to go out for one night, but man did it turn it on for us. By some kind of magic the skies cleared massively and early so we were seeing it start by about 8pm! The show lasted for a couple of hours and I just don’t know how to describe it. I saw the lights several years ago and it was nothing like this! They filled the sky and danced all over the place.

Another show for witching hour! This time I could even see the different colours with my own eyes not just the camera. This one also went on for over an hour I mean, can you believe it!

I’m not really sure what I was expecting but this went so far beyond it. Anyone who hasn’t  put this on their bucket list needs to get it on asap!

Chasing  Lights not only help you wth setting up your own camera to try and take pics of this spectacular, but most importantly, they take pics for you all part of your tour cost. It’s so refreshing to not have add on expenses! FYI, I relied solely on their pics for the lights, my iPhone didn’t quite cut it 🙂

The city/town (?)  itself is worth an explore. You can easily catch a bus up to the chair lift to head up the mountain for gorgeous views over the whole of Tromso. When we went up it was freezing cold! I think I was half way to frostbite trying to do some Snapchats before my phone died of coldness. The view was worth it though

Before heading off to start our long journey home we stopped for a recommended burger at Huken Pub. These burgers are super tasty, like a really really good homemade one and do NOT forget the potatoes on the side! The pub is an eclectic little bolt hole and from my experience was not one of the little tourist traps that are around town (yup I got caught in the for my other meals which is why you haven’t heard anything else about  food)

All in all, a trip to Tromso is not a cheap trip, but as an experience it will be worth every penny. I’d really like to go back during polar night and also see the whales – humpbacks and orcas travel through the fjords.

Hotel: Smarthotel. Reasonably priced for Norwegian prices. Simple, comfortable though rooms are a little small. Hotel is an easy walk into town, less than 5 minutes

Tour: Chasing Lights –  I would say best tour company I’ve ever experienced

Food highlight: Huken Pub. Small menu, super tasty.

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