Definitely a fat day 

After a big night out a good Saturday breakfast was just what the doctor ordered. Luckily I woke up early because I completely forgot I had made plans with a friend. Oops 

I lived in Clapham junction for a couple of years and tend to not head over that way much any more (I got sick of fighting buggies & screaming kids everywhere 😏) but it was a central point, so why not. Turns out I’ve had Social Pantry on my list for a year!

I loved the breakfast menu, not just the usual suspects. I think it looks a little Aussie actually (I had to go check, I think it’s British. They have definitely got the right stuff for the neighbourhood though). 

I split the fritters & the marscepone mushrooms with my buddy – breakfast buddies are the best for tasting lots of the menu 😉. Both dishes were really delicious. Great poached eggs and lots of flavour in the fritters & mushrooms. Most excitingly the sourdough toast wasn’t a workout to cut (I swear 90% in London are). 

Ok, the photos told the truth- we got sausages on the side too. I actually wouldn’t bother with that again. They are ginger pig ones which I usually really like but they were really dry and didn’t add anything to the dish. Oh, and they have a little selection of juices which are not extortionate! I had a charcoal & lemon one which was lovely (they’d sold out of green which is my go to juice). 

Then it was off to Harvey Nichols to cash in my rewards for a Peach Bellini. I like the little bar up on 5th Floor. It’s kind of like a little oasis with everything around super busy, and a great spot for people watching. I hear the cosmopolitans are really good, I will have to try next time. Another woman at the bar said she stood for one every time she’s in London. 

Now, I have been hankering for Franz and Evans croissant bread & butter pudding cake for a month now so decided if I was going to splurging today I may as well have got my butt to east London for cake! This cake goes on my list of absolutely favourites but today I found it too sweet (I’m blaming me not the cake, you should never blame cake). 

Actually all of their cakes are delicious. Plus I get to pretend they are healthy sometimes when I order ones like lemon & courgette cake. 

They also do really great salads (which is what I should have ordered). I’m dying to try their breakfast as their eggs always look absolutely amazing but that will have to be another trip. Even this fatty finds it hard to justify 2 breakfasts. 

I think that it’s important to note that the cake was for taking home not eating then and there …. which is why it was ok to stop at Voodoo Ray’s in Boxpark for a slice. I can’t help it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE good pizza. 

Voodoo Ray does big New York size slices that are a sold by the slice for about £4. I still can’t work out which is my favourite despite sampling every flavour most likely more than once 😇. Today’s winner was King Tubby – meatballs with kale, so yes I’m counting this one as healthy (so important to have a balanced diet). 

Now you can see why today was a fat day. Must be better behaved tomorrow. Now, it’s time for a rocking night of Netflix. 

Value for money: I think good. Portions are big but I did not expect 2 eggs with each dish so that’s a win. They are clearly using good quality ingredients. 

Service: it’s order at the counter & pay at the counter so no waiting around for the bill. Food came out quickly. 

Reservations: I didn’t have one, it’s a cafe so not really that sort of place. Lots of people just picking up coffees though so you shouldn’t wait long if you have to. 

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