A final day in Paris, France

I know it’s a cliche, but I love Paris. I also happen to think things are cliches for a reason! 

Over the past 15 months I have really been taking advantage of the Eurostar and proximity to Paris with teeny mini breaks- a day, an overnight or two. With the end of my European Time drawing closer I knew I needed one more teeny trip!

I think there is such a thing as too much pressure on a trip, and this one was it! 

I found a walking tour online for streetart- something I’ve been meaning to do for ages- and feeling strong I navigated myself over to Place Republique to start it. 

One teeny tiny problem: my new interim phone did not seem to know how to find the internet! Now I have a memory like a sieve so with no map and a screen that refreshed, I did not make it past step 2. So sadly, the true Paris art scene eludes me. Maybe one day! At least I made it to Canal St Martin

So despite, Al’s best long distance efgorts I was off the grid! And do you know what you are supposed to do when you’re off the grid? No? Neither do I! So I determined the best thing was to wander the streets till you find a croque madame in the sun so I could formulate a plan! Of course, I can’t tell you where I ended up because I have no idea! But it was yum. 

After fortifying myself with cheese & carbs I knew what to do- and I could do it without a phone! Shop! So off to Galleries Lafayette for me. I also really like Bon Marche, both are beautiful full of things I want, but it had been awhile since I’d bed. To Galleries Lafayette. 

But as mentioned, today was not going my way (I tell you it’s the pressure!) The Kenzo tank I want is no longer available, the maje skirt I had my eye on looks crap on me … It just keeps going!  In the end I think it’s probably the packing gods who know I should save my money for LA and stop buying things to ship! 

So what was a girl to do with no shopping g to be had? A slow wander to Musee D’Orsay. Of all the times I’ve been to Paris (c 10) I have never been there. I think I realistically love the concept of looking at art rather than the actualities. But I do love the buildings 

There are Monets, Renoirs, Manets, Degas — he really not my style but a significant collection. With a collection this big it’s easy to forget the value of these. 

Right at the top of this beautiful building is a gorgeous roof terrace. With the sun shine it was perfect for stunning views across the city 

Truth time: I can only survive in Galleries about an hour – 2 told but I’m pretty sure I’m whinging by then 😁 

So it was back to wandering the B’s k streets to St Germain for me – I’m confident doing this with no map as I always gravitate to the same spot even when. I try to avoid it. I blame my brother, the first time I was in this neighborhood with him, my sister in law & my girls and we had the best time ever. I think it’s muscle memory 

There was nothing left for me to do but rest my weary feet and have a little wine. By this point I would normally have a lovely bowl of french onion soup, but today I was just too full 😔 which makes me sad (anyone who knows good french onion soup in LA please let me know)

With a long day behind me and the e rninb settling in, I tucked my Eric Kayser baguette under my arm and skipped across Boulevard St Germain headed towards London. 

Je t’aime Psris, a bien tot.

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