A healthy start to Easter: Hemsley & Hemsley, London

At this point I desperately need exersize and some healthiness! So it was an early morning ride at Psycle and then a stop at Hemsley & Hemsley in Selfridges. FYI the Selfridges refurb is looking amazing even though it’s only part the way through! 

Hemsley & Hemsley is tucked in the 3rd floor in the Body Studio and the space is beautiful. 

Luckily it was quiet on a midweek morning so I had my luck of tables!

When you hear “refined sugar free, gluten free and something else free” you expect a terrible menu, well I did. I was pleasantly surprised! I think I could have eaten most things and been happy. Instead I went for the seasonal special- fried egg, asparagus & shaved mushrooms. My preference would have been a poached egg but it wasn’t an option, luckily though it was a lightly fried egg (fried is my least favourite).  The dish was yum, a little more drizzle oil and cooked a tad more than I would have made but still delicious. 

All in all, good experience! Oh I forgot the hardcore green juice – the best! I live green juice especially when it is not full of apple juice!

Value for money: slightly pricey for the portion size, particularly the juice. However, righteous smugness for making “smart” choices comes free!

Service: it was quick but there was no one really there to test it

Reservations: not sure they do them but it is a small space so on weekends I can imagine it’s heaving. 

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