Toms kitchen, Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf on a weekend is still somewhat of a morgue, meaning it’s an easy place to get a table for brunch! We were meeting friends who were heading into the Country2country show at O2 so it seemed like a good idea to take advantage of the big spaces and quick service. 

Word of warning: google maps still has problem with different levels, which Canary Wharf is full of. My friends ended up in some underground roundabout apparently having ‘arrived’. Not being from London, they wondered what new hipster trend I was trying to take them to. 

Luckily they made their way up to fresh air and found the little piece of Chelsea in Westferry Circus- most certainly in no way described as hipster. 

The space, like most in the area, is huge and lots of natural light, in other words, very un-London. 

Sadly I was full of cold, feeling sorry for myself and not up to my usual ordering frenzy. I went for plain old poached eggs on what can only be described as ridiculously thick toast with a little avocado and blue cheese mushrooms on the side. The mushrooms could have been a lot cheesier, and that wasn’t just my dead cold taste buds talking, the others agreed. 

On reflection, maybe I wasn’t as restrained as though. I forgot I ordered the brioche french toast with caramelised apples & cinnamon cream (for the table). Now that was delicious, a great little something to share. Not overly sweet and the toast was super fluffy. 

The rest of the group went with:

Steak sandwich – apparently very nice with more steak than bread which made Al very happy, but not happy enough to offer me a taste!

Truffle eggs benedict- it looked great and I am reliably informed worth the additional £9 to have the truffle in the Bennie 

Full English- massive. Plus they were really good about swapping out an unwanted element for more bacon, I really like it when a restaurant does that.

For me, the star of the day (followed closely by the french toast) was the Bloody Mary. Delicious! Great spicy level and it tasted like freshly made tomato juice so, so good. 

Value for money: I guess it’s slightly higher in price than some places but not noticeably so. Portions are huge – ended up being about £30 each which was big breakfasts, Bloody Mary, coffee and a shatevin the french toast 😉

Service: fine. They aren’t busy so reasonably quick & didn’t take ages with payment 

Reservations: not needed in the weekend, that may change during the week. 


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