Sexy Fish, Mayfair

Finally, I made into the inner circle of people who have been to Sexy Fish! If there is ever a restaurant that is more about being there than what it offers it’s Sexy Fish. 

The decor kind of reminds me of an old school gentleman’s club- rich decor bordering on over the top. Damien Hirst (mermaids) and Frank Gehry (crocodile)  pieces on display and in the heart of Mayfair, it is the epitome of decadence. Half the patrons looking around to see who else is there, the other half talking about how important they are. 

Now, bearing in mind I seem to be paid more John Lewis than Harvey Nichols, I took advantage of their midweek lunch deal. This is an excellent way to have a taste without it 150% breaking the bank.  For a set price, £36, you can have the Kuikku menu – miso, 2 small dishes & a main. Being a lunch menu it is limited but not bad. 

We went for:

Prawn gyoza- bigger than a traditional, with a very light flavour. I definitely should have asked for some chilli to go with, I always prefer that over a sweet sauce. for dumplings these are big with the non-traditional triangle shape giving you a lot of filling. 

Monkfish skewers- this comes as one fat skewer. Nicely cooked and still big enough to share (which you’ve probably worked out, I am all about). 2 little mussels which tasted lovely, I could have had a dish of them in the sauce 

Seared yellow tail tartare – this was fine, but actually has gotten lost in my memory with the other dishes. I guess that’s says something about the dish. 

Beef tataki- yum! A really interesting taste that I definitely could have had more of 

For the mains we went with:

The salmon – this was really tasty. I loved the marinade. For my preference, it would not have been cooked so much, I prefer a little pink in salmon. Plus it comes with midget trees, I love midget trees  

And the Raw marinade seafood bowl – I really liked this but by this point was so stuffed the rice was not able to fit in my belly. There was enough pieces for both of us to try the salmon, prawn, seabass and tuna. 

It’s fair to say I have issues. Whenever I go to a fancy restaurant that has a reasonable-ish menu I can’t help but order a few more dishes, and things were no different at Sexy Fish. I’m guess by the look of shock on the waiter’s face that he believed we went too far, but I won’t tolerate that kind of negativity in my life! 

So we also had in the small dishes …

Sexy fish  & yuzu signature maki – hands down my favourite. Flavours were so fresh & light, I would eat this everyday. Luckily, I can get a cheaper version in whole foods which does the job without killing my bank balance. 

Pork belly skewers- these were recommended by a friend, now I am not a pork belly person so not for me but Eebee was pretty satisfied, I think they made her favourite list 

Kimchee marinated octopus skewers- I LOVE tentacles, but these were not good.  Very chewy, I was so disappointed. Definitely not worth ordering. Turns out, we didn’t even take a pic of them!

So I guess all of that explains why we were pretty stuffed when we left. I don’t think Asian inspired food is supposed to make you that full, we went to far 😔

There’s a pretty exstensive wine list, I was stoked to see a Margaret River wine on the menu but sadly they were out of stock. 

All in all it is a definite experience (favourite thing, fish taps in the bathroom) but if I was wanting a good fish restaurant I think I’d choose Scotts instead. 

Value for money:ha! No, that’s not fair. It’s a high end restaurant and you pay those prices. The lunch deal was reasonable with easily shared portions bigger than I expected. It’s the add ons that have you walking out spending a fortune so be prepared for that. 

Service: our waiter seriously annoyed me. He muttered his judgement and slipped between being overly present and disappearing. At this level of restaurant I expect seamless service, plus I’d prefer a little bit of friendliness over attitude. Our wine waiter though, was lovely. 

Reservations: a must. 

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