Navigating the Korean Spa: K-Town, LA

It’s official, Korean spas are my new favourite thing! Jax took me to Wi Spa for a birthday treat and it was amazing. It can, however, be a little overwhelming when you go in as they really don’t give you enough information. So here I am, trying to share what I have worked out in hopes of enhancing your experience.

Nude or not nude?

Well, it’s really a combo of both. When you get there and sign in they are going to give you a robe, some shorts & a tshirt. You are going to use all of these so don’t lose them. The women’s level is a nude zone, the communal level is the shorts & tshirt zone.

If you’ve been brought up with a British based outlook like I have been, you’re going to feel awkward about the nudity. Don’t worry though, it passes.

What order should I do stuff in?

So I don’t know that there is a specific order that you should do things but I did learn the ice room on the communal floor is good for 10 minutes before you leave to help close up your pores. We also learnt that there are instructions for the different saunas on the inside of the door (where I found it on my way out).

We started off down in the wet area ie the spas and wet sauna. There is 2 temperature spas: hot and boil your insides. It took us a minute to realise that ours was so quiet because it was the boil your insides one!

Things you want to know about the wet area:

• You go in with just your robe and you must shower before getting in to everything

• There are little baskets that you can chuck your stuff into, like your towel & slippers. You are going to make sure you get one of those

• There are plenty of little towels, but you will only get 1 of your bigger towel. Don’t lose it.

• You can take sheet face masks in with you. I’m totally doing this next time. There are super cheap in the little shop too. We got a 13 for $10 deal!!!

• 1 of the saunas has a tv in it and you can see the best Korean adverts! The other tries to suck your soul out of your body.

Upstairs in the communal area we really only tried the clay room “Properly” and that was amazing. I could have totally fallen asleep in there. But be warned, the minute you step off the wooden walkway you are going to sink into the clay balls and nearly fall over. If you happen to be behind your friend as she does it, you’re going to have to laugh your head off SILENTLY because people are chilling out in here. But, god, is it funny. I nearly fell off the walkway trying not to let that full body laugh out.

There are head pillow things that you can take into the rooms, definitely do that.

Getting treatments

I am going to say, you don’t need to have treatments. You can still have a great time just going in for the $25 spa fee BUT the treatments are reasonable and feel so, so good.

We tested out 2 treatments:

• Massage: wow! I did not know I was so sore. I think the only thing that didn’t hurt was 1 muscle on my head! For the massage you go up in your shorts & tshirt, do not make the mistake of strolling up nude 😂😂

• Body scrub: 100% worth doing. This is done on the women’s floor so you get super nude. You go into an area that looks a little abattoir-ish, lay down on a table (trying not to slip off) and they will scrub the crap out of you. AND wash your hair! AND put a face mask on you. My skin was so soft after I couldn’t stop touching it.

I suggest, if you are doing more than 1 treatment, space then out. Ours ended up being spaced out and we were thankful for it. Sometimes your body just needs a little spa break between pummeling.

Additional bits

Nap space! Yes you heard me! You can have a nap while you are there. They also do over night as it’s 24 hours! If I was staying in LA for 1 night it’s totally what I’d do! Buy a lovely treatment & sleep at the spa.

Food: yup they have food places in there. We didn’t try anything as we had dumpling plans for after, but it smelt really good. I’ll try it next time.

Roof terrace: yes!! This was great. A nice calming chill out space. It just needs wine.

Phones: basically you can take your phones in the communal area ie the not nude spots, which makes sense. I saw a lot of people in the clay room with theirs and think I’d do that next time. Read my book and just chill.

Time of day: we went on a Sunday and it should come as no surprise that after about 1 it started getting super busy. If you ask me, it’s a pretty good place to spend a hangover.

Super cool spa outfit & lockers that play creepy tunes
Yes, that is the natural faces of two super relaxed girls hanging on the rooftop

LA has heaps of Korean spas and I intend to explore them all! Have you got a favourite? Share it with me!!!! I’m still new to this.

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