Great dog friendly places on the west side: LA

Now that I have @kevinfromfinance my life is revolving around places I can take him 🙂 why would I want to leave him at home? Not only are the LA county trails often dog friendly, but we can go for brunch at some of the many places that are as well.

Ashland Hill, Santa Monica

I already liked hanging out at this place- an excellent gin selection, tasty eats and a comfortable back patio. Not only does this place allow your dog to join you, they have a puppy menu of stuff you can get for them. @Kevinfromfinance tested out the puppy sliders on brown rice. From the way he hoovered it, it was as delicious as they said it would be.

My one complaint was that the server (not the one we were mainly dealing with) came and just put the box of food down in front of him and he jumped straight in. I don’t want strangers feeding my dog, and I don’t want him having stuff to eat without me seeing it first. I am guessing from his sore tummy after that it was too big a portion for him. So my big tip, make sure you say to to server to deliver the food to you, and you then give it to your pup.

They do a puppy happy hour here to which I am definitely doing to go down for.

Superba Bread & Food, Venice

I’ve breakfasted here before (click here to see what we got), just with humans and it is really good. Plus they have a baked goods counter to die for (reuben croissants! don’t think, just order). Today I stopped in for some bread -oh yes, ended up with apple pie, choc chip peanut butter banana loaf, a morning bun and a churro croissant- and saw you can take your doggies so we wille be back for that. They start serving hot breakfast at 8 and when we were there at 8.45 it wasn’t too crowded so I think for @kevinfromfinance’s excitement levels earlier is best. It would be too much of a sensory overload otherwise for him.

Playa Provisions, Playa Del Rey

This is a short drive down from the Playa Vista dog park (also known as puppy party heaven) and totally worth heading over for. They have a little patio out the back with 4 picnic bench style benches where you can take your dogs.

The menu isn’t huge but a lovely selection of baked good and the hot menu is yum if not extensive. We got a breakfast sandwich with turkey & bacon sausage, cheese, egg, collards & avo- it was really good. My last trip to Sydney got me fully hooked on a good breakkie sando.

We also ordered the toasted pretzel croissant with scrambled egg & proscuitto. Not he best croissant, though all the flavours worked to deliciousness. I couldn’t walk past the baked goods counter, so also grabbed banana bread, a cheese & bacon scone and I think a blueberry muffin (all for later on, I have no impulse control but I can’t fit all that in, in 1 sitting!)

Margo’s, Santa Monica

I love this end of Montana. So many great little boutiques and places to eat. Margo’s has a good amount of out door tables which means you can bring the puppy. Not only do you get to people watch, puppy gets to meet lots of new friends as they walk on past with their humans.

We were in for social hour (3-5pm) which was good for little sharing plates. We got the chicken tacos, the cheese bread and the sliders. The sliders were definitely the winners here. The cheese bread was weirdly sweet for me. I’d like to get over to test out their breakfast menu as that hangover hash and breakfast sandwich taste amazing.

Margo’s is part of the same group that does Ashland Hill & Art’s table- you really can’t go wrong with them.

Beachside, Marina Del Rey

For me, this place is nothing exciting, more reliable and a great view. I have breakfasted here 3 times now (weirdly, a lot for me at one place) and I always walk away content but not wowed. What they really have going for them is the location. A huge outdoor area looking over their own gardens and the beach. There is a not enough places looking over the water in LA for a city on the beach.

This was @kevinfromfinances’s first trip here, and only second ever out for breakfast. He found it a little hard seeing the other dogs walking along the beach below him, but was sufficiently distracted by his treats we had ready for him 🙂

I opted for the beachside scramble, light on the cheese this time. It’s a nice scramble, not too much. Al went for the fried chicken and french toast which came with berries and a cinnamon butter. Let’s just say, he was pretty happy with his choice, and now is excited to have a new fried chicken breakfast combo on his radar 🙂 Any excuse for fried chicken!

So there are way more places that are dog friendly, especially in our neighbourhood. we will slowly be exploring them all 🙂


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