Breakfast on the beach: Back to the Beach, Santa Monica LA

You can’t have a visitor to LA and not have a beach day. Even if the weather isn’t playing ball!

We started our day right with breakfast on the beach at Back to the Beach on the north side of Santa Monica. We discovered this cafe about 4 years ago on a visit to LA, I love it because it’s one of the few places that is actually on the beach. As in, you can sit at tables in the sand. Plus the food is good and not overly priced.

I opted for the breakfast quesadilla – switching the egg whites to full eggs & trying to get chorizo but they forgot it. It was good but the potatoes were the star- crispy, salty goodness.

I think @anhulraja’s heuvos rancheros looked amazing though. I’m guessing it was the winning dish. He didn’t let me try them which I guess was a good sign.

Al got the chicken chorizo & egg which was good. Basically everyone’s dish was probably better than mine, but mine was still tasty.

After that we headed up to explore some beaches. We went looking for the 2 1/2 men beach house but it’s in a private estate, so that was a fail. We did however find some little mini beaches which were cool. You definitely need to watch the tide though as I think you could get stuck easily. The houses along here are amazing. Built on stilts with the water crashing underneath in high tide. Pretty jealous.

Then it was Leo Carillo. The car park was super busy so I parked on the PCH instead and we went and grabbed our beach pics.

Then it was off to El Matador which is just gorgeous. Beautiful rock formations, and you can walk though little tunnels to get to more and more beaches. Totally worth the hike down to the beach. Plus the hike up didn’t feel as bad as we thought it would.

So no real sun for the day, but it was still super beautiful. I’ll go back for sunny pics another time.


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