One of the top 10 restaurants for 2018: Majordomo, Los Angeles

Well, now I know why this restaurant was on the LA Mag’s top 10 new restaurants for 2018! AMAZING! We went for my birthday, and it was pretty much perfection.

First of all, it’s in one of those wtf locations. You know the ones, where you are really not sure where you are (just past China town) and it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere, then BAM! Warehouses of coolness and secret little places people go who are way too cool for me. Then it’s in this great building. Gorgeous open space, with great art on the walls.

Then they delivered on amazing food for us! I’m pretty sure Jax did the ordering and everything was delicious. Our only sadness, was that we hadn’t looked at the menu ahead of time to order the giant dinosaur short rib. Phenomenal looking!! Holy crap!! Luckily, everything else was friggin delicious to distract us.

Hmmm, now to try and remember all the amazing things we actually had. Well, how about I just tell you about some of my favorites, and why they were that. We all know we over ordered 😂

Kombu cured diver scallops with apple dashi. Beautifully light, while being super flavorsome. I’m a mega fan of scallops and believe they aren’t on enough menus. These were done perfectly. I love the sauce, because it was great but didn’t over power the scallops.

All the veggie dishes! I’m pretty sure we had the carrots (obsessed with carrots), cauliflower and a cabbage dish. The cabbage was actually my favourite. Who knew cabbage could taste so good! Honestly though, all of the veg dishes were great. Very different flavours.

The bing. It’s like an Asian style flat bread. It comes disassembled, so you put all the pieces together.

Truffle Mac n cheese with giant pieces of truffle. Seriously giant!! Perfect Mac. I love Mac so much, but often end up disappointed. Not tonight!

Hmm, we had a stack from the meats side of things. The pork belly (tasty, but we all know I am not a pork belly girl), the fish (delicious, I think we opted for the bass over the cod for quantity purposes, but I do love me some black cod), rib eye steak. Holy crap the steak was phenomenal, and those home made chips! And the cheese sauce! This is a dish made in heaven! If you aren’t getting the dinosaur meat, you have to get this.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot the roasted crispy duck rice. The caramelizing on this was ridiculous!!! This was Ben’s fab dish. Don’t get me wrong, it was damn good, but not my fav. It’s like the best comfort food dish you could ever ask for.

Wow! How could I forget the toilets!!! Japanese style wonderfulness. Which resulted in some hillarious toilet encounter and dinner table conversations. Particularly the air drive function. Remember: when you’re in there talking to your pal in another cubical, there’s a good chance there is someone else there too. Laughing, because they are thinking the same thing.

Ok, so how many people do I need for the dinosaur dish? 4? Yeah I reckon. Stay tuned, I’m trying this soon!

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