My first LA Cinco de Mayo: Malo, Silver Lake LA

You may have picked up on a little ”this bit of information – I love Mexican food. So, I was feeling pretty pleased about Cinco de Mayo being in my first week in LA. I was also pretty stoked that I had been to the Taste of the Eastside festival so I knew exactly where I wanted to go, Malo

I was glad I had a reservation as it was pretty damn busy, though it was a quick turn over of tables so I don’t think you would have been waiting long. 

We started with the salsa flight and guacamole (I don’t think it’s possible to go to a Mexican restaurant without having guacamole šŸ˜œ). The salsas all had a little heat in them – I didn’t think it was too much but it was for Al. 

The guac was great- really loved the pomegranate bits in it.  I’m not sure if it was the business of the night or if it’s the normal practice but there a not much time between you having your dips and chips and the rest of your meal arriving. Al suggested next time we order the dips and chips for ‘menu thinking’ so we get more time, I reckon that is probably the way to do it. 

There is a pretty extensive menu of mains but we decided to focus of the tacos. They call them a platter but don’t be fooled, that is 2 tacos. So, because we’re piggies we orders 4 platters: the pork belly, chicken carnitas, fish and beef- with a mix of salad and rice and beans. The waitress seemed a little confused about us doing this but I don’t think 4 tacos per person is too much (turns out I can only fit in 2 plus the insides of – šŸ˜”). 

My favorites were the pork and the fish, so tasty! The fish was grilled which is my preference and was actually a decent size piece. 

The beef was the weakest link, I wouldn’t get this again (also it’s in a crunchy taco which the others weren’t). In reality I should have switched the beef out for the shrimp. Oh well, next time. 

I liked the chicken, it was very light tasting. I’d say the taco over powers it a little so it was best eaten with the salad. Plus by this point I was getting pretty full so had to sacrifice carbs. 

And, my new favorite US thing… to go boxes!! Packing up my leftovers to use on breakfast the next day (oh yes beans with chicken and eggs on a toast, talk about a winner).


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