Getty Villa & ocean views: Malibu, LA

Weekdays are the perfect time to check out some museums is you’re not working: not so crowded and a much nicer experience. So with that in mind, we headed down towards Malibu to check out the Getty Villa  

If you didn’t know, one of the great things about this place is that it’s free!! You do need to book a time slot ahead of time, but it’s nice and easy on the website. Add this to my capped uber fare of $7 and it’s like everything just fell into place today! 

This Getty is an artifacts one – stuff from Roman & Greek times, which happens to be 2 periods I am interested in (The Getty Centre does paintings). The gallery is a reasonable size that doesn’t become too overwhelming. Pretty much perfect for my attention span, I can hit 2 hours max before I brain melt. 

The gardens are lovely as is the building so the whole grounds become part of the experience plus, you can see down to the ocean from the terrace. Sadly, when we went, they were doing a big museum clean up so half the top floor was closed, but who cares, it was free and I can go back later. 

Important note: you can not walk into or out of here, if you ubered in you will be ubering out. 

My advice, do what we did and take a $6 car down to Moonshadows in Malibu. Al found this place and it is amazing. Perched on the water off the PCH in a beautiful spot. We got an outside table but even an indoor one will be good as they have nice big windows for you to take in the ocean views. 

I don’t reckon life gets much better than this: good food, ocean view and the sound of the waves on the rocks, pretty much my happy place. 

For appetizers we went for the BBQ octopus & the scallops. The octopus came with with fingerling potatoes and cannellini beans and was the winning dish for sure. Cooked perfectly, crisp outside and soft inside. 

The scallops had a celery root & cilantro purée which complimented the scallops well, giving a real fresh taste. Delicious. 

For mains I went for a prawn & crab salad which was just what I needed. Lots of crab in the salad and 3 good size prawns. Best over all, the salad wasn’t over dressed. 

Al went for the Ahi tuna burger, and this was the winner. Man it was delicious, so light and full of flavour, the picture does not do it justice!! You can switch the taro chips for fries, which I would do. Taro fries are pretty uneventful. 

I will definitely be coming back here, it’s just one of those perfect spots. Price-wise I think it sits in the fairly standard for LA prices, I was expecting more especially given the location. You’re looking at $100 for 2 courses each (more if going full entree/main) plus a beer & glass of wine including tip. It’s good to know they also have a bar so you can pop in just for a drink. 

Malibu is one of those places that is gorgeous, but you do need a plan- Al gets a 10/10 for today’s. 

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