#dewtour skate comp: Long Beach, California 

Wow! What an awesome event this is. We happened to have a car and a free Saturday so when I saw that the Dew Tour was a free event with some cool skateboarding we decided it was worth heading out to. 

The event is really well set up. Over one side you have a grass area with a stage, a couple of beer guys and some food trucks. The other side has the big set up with 3 courses and one bowl with grand stand seating all the way around it. 

The Saturday that we went down was the team event day so all 4 stages were being used throughout the day, not sure on the other days. I think it’s a 3 day event and now I’ve been to 1, next year I am definitely going to try and get to see the whole comp

Now here’s the thing: I’m not an avid skate fan. I like watching skaters when I see a skate park but I’ve never seen a comp before. I don’t know any of the teams, who the skaters are, what makes one trick better than another, basically I don’t know anything. But you can’t watch this stuff without being in awe of the skill and talent that you see (and I’m not just talking about when they take their shirts off)

My favourite things: when they skate out of the course


And the bowl- not that could do any of the stuff that they are doing, but I feel like there’s no way I could do this bowl stuff without killing myself. This year they had the biggest bowl that the Dew Tour comp has had so next year should be super interesting. 


The other thing I love is how much comraderie there is. Everyone, regardless of what team or sponsor get so excited for each other when they pull off a great trick. And if the trick is really, really good? They seem to smack their skateboards on the ground!! No other athletes would ever treat their equipment like this, love it. 

The food is all pretty much standard food truck/ comp fare: you’ve got burgers, loaded fries, grilled cheese, chicken strips and  Pho King Awesome who I could not resist ordering something from. We went for the spring rolls which were massive and basically all meat- no veg or vermicelli in sight. They were tasty though. 

We had to head off part the way through the bowl comp at the end which was annoying but we had something else we had to get to (and parking running out). Next year I’ll be staying for the concert after. 

Oh and after? You can go splash in the water because your right on the beach! 

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