West Hollywood Excersize Studios Pt 2: LA

Thanks to Classpass, I have been out exploring a few more studios. When I first joined Classpass in London you could go as many times as you liked in a month, but only 3x per studio- it was pretty awesome. Probably not the most cost effective business model though as they have now limited it to 10 a month (still with the 3x per studio limit). It’s still works out good value for the end user but just not as amazing as it used to be.

So where have I been?


I saw this place when I was out for a run and when I looked it up it was on one of those ‘top 10 excersize studios in LA’ lists, so I figured why not. Plus sadly for me Soulcycle isn’t on Classpass so I had to look for a fix elsewhere. When I went into the class I noticed that everyone was grabbing 1 or 2 more sweat towels than the ones that were already on the bike, I figured I’d better do the same, and let me tell you; it was necessary. You will sweat buckets in this class. I felt like the instructor was really good and reminded you to reset your form throughout the class (something I really need because I am a mess when working out), not sure if this was because she was injured herself or if it’s her usual style but it was really helpful.

Afterwards there is a really cute little coffee shop, Alfred’s, to grab an iced coffee or juice after class- which you are going to feel like you will need.


There’s no way in hell I was going to pass up on going to an Aussie studio. Work out and the sounds of home, yup! This is a bootcamp style place: 3 stations, 3 differnt exercises in each station all done 3 times– there’s clearly something about the number 3, as studios seem to love it. These guys are great, they talked through injuries properly with me and checked in during the class that things were ok or to give me a heads up to be careful on some. I’m not going to lie, some of it is really hard but as they say ‘you can get through anything for 45 seconds’.

I ended up in an arms day (probably my weakest thing) so I had sore arms for….3/ 4 days, but i think I saw a muscle for about 5 minutes so I’m happy enough. I think this might be a class I can drag Al along to as well, fingers crossed. The classes feel really social, everyone seem to know everyone which I guess should not be surprising seeing as its an Aussie place.

Important info: You are allowed to go even if you aren’t Aussie, I definitely heard American accents in there.


Yup, I do like spin studios. Turns out, this one is not really for me. I think it is mainly the set up of the bikes that I found uncomfortable. Nothing worse than an hour class when you don’t like the bikes. The teacher was good at warming up but I felt like the positions weren’t clear and I didn’t relly know what was going on. I did like that each row of bikes were on  their own level (though didn’t help me as I think Iwas behind a giant) and the cold towels for after, this is a great feature more places should do it.


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