Potentially my favourite wine bar in LA: Pour Haus, Arts District

It’s a big call I know, but Pour Haus is definitely up in the top 2 wine bars in LA for me (the other is Vinoteque for different reasons). 

We’d been having a few drinks at Angel City Brewery listening to a band, but I had reached my beer limit and needed another option. I’m not a big beer drinker so I felt I’d done well to last as long as I did. 

Anyway, we headed further into the arts district about 1/2 a mile away to check out this wine bar, Pour Haus. The thing with the Arts District, I find, is that it is all little clusters with what seems like ghost streets between, so you need to have a little patience while exploring. But, it’s always worth it, there are all sorts of gems tucked away. 

So in comes Pour Haus. It’s a “small” (LA small, London big) wine bar that is doing things a little different. So how is it different? They have shelves and shelves of wine out of which you can buy to take away, drink in or by the glass. You can get any wine by the glass and it’s just 1/4 the bottle price! Amazing right! Plus they are all sitting in an incredibly reasonable price range with a happy hour glass $5 and normal between $7-12. For LA, that is some good priced wine!  Oh and they give you popcorn for while you are drinking – I’m a sucker for this sort of little free add on!

They have a bar area, tables and I think an outside area so it does fit a quite a few people comfortably.  You’ll find an extensive looking cheese offering for you to select from to create your own cheese board which looks great, though I didn’t try them; as well as a changing menu. We went for the pita & dip selection. This really reminds me of Perth and is something you basically never see in London but I absolutely love. 

The staff here are wonderful. They really want to help you find the right wine for you and make sure you enjoy your experience. 

Basically, if I was going to open a wine bar, it would look pretty similar to this. Oh, and it’s Arts District, so there board games to entertain you. 

Anyone in LA looking for a wine friend: I’m it, meet me here at Pour Haus. Any of my friends coming over to visit; guess where we are going. 

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