Free concerts with #summerjazznights : Hollywood & Highland, LA

I honestly am not sure what we’d do without the We Like LA updates on what to do in this city! Al found these free Summer Jazz Nights concerts up at the Hollywood & Highland so off we went. 

The concerts run 7-9 and are free to attend. If you’re interested, and you should be, for $14 you can get 2 glasses of wine and a cheese plate with 100% of the donations going to Project Angel Foods. So not only do you have something to enjoy, but you are contributing to a great charity. 

Our night was the Naughty Professor from New Orleans. These guys were brilliant. They are touring around right now to support their album, so if you can get the chance to see them you should! 

Now I absolutely do not know how to talk about jazz in any kind of way that implies I have knowledge so I’m not even going to try – trust me, this is for your best. What I will say is that the music isn’t as hectic as I sometimes have in my head as the sound of jazz. It had more funk in it at times and at other times was a little dirtier (I told you I can’t talk music). But at all times it was good – a 2 hour set that was in no way repetitive and show cased all of the instruments at different points. 


One thing I can never get my head around with jazz is the applause. I’m so used to waiting for something to end i.e. A song, before you clap; but not with jazz. In jazz you show appreciation for someone’s mastery mid song if you think something was awesome, like a solo bit or just a good piece of music. 

The Summer Jazz Nights are every Tuesday at Hollywood & Highland until Aug 8: if you’re a jazz fan or not sure if you are or aren’t this is a great event to get down to. 

I’m also pretty sure I saw an actor there (I am the worst at this game). Now I didn’t take a pic as I thought that would be a bit rude as the guy was there just chilling with his wife, so I’m really not sure who it was. This is my search to try and find him, sadly I have not been successful. 

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