Breakfast in Mid-City West: Toast Bakery and Cafe, LA

Toast Bakery & Cafe has a huge menu of temptation. I went in with all intentions of being good and ordering a salad (which all sounded good) but it most definitely did not happen.

They’ve got a good amount of outdoor seating and it is bigger than it looks inside. You will mostly have await for a table at weekend brunch time, but I think they got through it pretty quickly.

The favourite: This was a great omelette. Stuffed with goats cheese, spinach, mushroom and sun dried tomatoes.  Then avocado on the side to go with it, perfection. There is a reason they call it the favourite. I went with the marble rye toast which was great. My salute to smart choices? Fruit salad on the side instead of potatoes 🙂

Steak and egg bruschetta: This had Al’s name written all over it. I had a taste it was good and Al couldn’t keep the happy off his face. Avocado  spread on toast, red onion, eggs and steak with potatoes on the side. Obviously no healthy choices for Al but I’m pretty sure there were no regrets.

Breakfast in at about $60 for 2 which is a touch on the pricy side but it was worth it.

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