Leaving LA: Tim Minchin

I am so glad I got tickets for Tim Minchin’s goodbye concert. Firstly I’m Spewin that he is leaving LA just as I have arrived so glad I got to see him before he left. Secondly, it was a great concert- classic Tim Minchin humour & beauty rolled into one event.

The concert was at the Wiltern Theatre – a beautiful, Art Deco theatre that is a good size ie there are no bad seats. We were up on the balcony, close to the front for about 30 bucks.

If you’re not familiar with Tim Minchin you are missing out. When I was explaining him to my work buddies I said: an Aussie comic singer who also writes musicals like Matilda & Groundhog Day. But you really don’t get it until you hear him.

So those of you in Sydney, you now have Tim Minchin on your door step. Make sure you take the opportunity to see him as much as you can, he’s amazing.

I’m not going to lie- this concert had me laughing and crying. Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger is still one of my favourites but his song about leaving la and the Christmas song for his daughter nearly made me cry.

The last time I saw him was in London, now in LA. I guess I’ll catch you again in Sydney.

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