Christmas in LA

Christmas in a new city! Exciting plus a bit pants. Exciting because you get to explore a whole new city and create new Christmas traditions, pants because you don’t know anyone and you don’t know what you should be doing!

In London I knew exactly what to do:

– Mount Street Lights turning on party

– Shepherds Market lights party

– 10,000 work Christmas parties

– European Christmas markets

– Fancy Christmas trees in Mayfair

– Panto

It’s a pretty good time. Plus it’s cold. Now being from Australia warm weather should feel like Christmas. But somehow, London converted me.

So, let’s talk about some of the things I worked out for LA

Marina Del Rey Christmas Boat Parade

I mean the title says it all! Boats dressed up for Christmas doing loops around the marina! I loved it! Right up my alley.

I hear Newport and Venice do them too. From the pics Newport is the most full on but I was super excited at my local.

Top tip: take a sippy cup of wine down with you and some Cheetos cheesy puffs.

Drive around looking at lights

Nobody does over the top lights like the Americans! There are streets all over LA so use a little google to find the one nearest you. Remember, LA is massive. I went on a tour in Santa Clarita, guided by a local. Not actually LA but I’m still counting it. Amazing!

I can only imagine the electricity bills!

Life-size gingerbread houses

I now know of 2 in LA: JW Marriott at La Live and the Beverley Wilshire. We decided to check out the Beverley Wiltshire this year. You’ll find the gingerbread and a lovely big tree in the lobby so just walk on in.

The ginger bread house looks like it’s made of wood but it is actually gingerbread! They use wood for the structure but other than that, it’s all technically edible. I wonder who gets it to take home? They start baking it in August, now that’s dedication.

It’s about the size of a cubby house which when you think about it, is impressive. I struggled to make my normal size ginger bread house stay up when I made one.

They also have a lovely big tree which is worth a pic with. And while you’re there, you may as well stop in the bar for a drink – if you are prepared to pay about $20 plus tip & tax

A drink at the Beverley Hills Hotel

This hotel is a LA icon, even if you’re not a Beverley Hills Cop fan (and obviously a weirdo). The Beverley Hills hotel dresses up their entrance and lobby beautifully. Definite photo material.

They also have some lovely Christmas cocktails. We were off to dinner so stopped in for 1. I opted for the Christmas Winter Mule which was lovely. I think it had house made ginger beer in it and it was so good.

Bearing in mind it’s a fancy bar; you get free nibbles!! I love free nibbles! I’m pretty sure they make the potato chips themselves, they’re really tasty. But I got addicted to the spiced nuts. I’m pretty sure they mix a little crack in with the spices.

You’ll also find that the Polo Lounge has a piano man. I love it when they have a piano man. It feels so old school cool.

The Unauthorised Musical Parody of Home Alone: Rockwell Theatre

Amazing!! This is the best thing ever, better than panto! They mix in awesome songs, Christmas and non-Christmas and you may find your self having to stop your companion singing along (that’s you Al).

My tip: don’t bother getting food, just get drinks. Once you have a ticket you’ll need to buy 2 items off the menu. Next time I’m going for drinks. We got a burger & a flat bread and they were nothing impressive. They definitely encourage drinking though- there was a Home Alone drinking game.

I loved that the show had girls playing most of the roles. It’s really hard to work out who my favourite was because they were all really good. Plus people play lots of roles which means you get to see them in different ways.

I can not wait to see what the Rockwell Tables & Stage do with other shows. The next one is Jurassic Park!!!! I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of the things I bring all visitors to.

Go to the Beach!

It’s LA people! Even though I think winter has actually arrived here, it is nothing like London so take advantage of it!! We headed to Hotel Erwin in Venice. I love their rooftop bar, it’s a beautiful place to watch the sun set.

Plus they have these gorgeous blankets to snuggle under if it get chilly. As you can see, I am trying to work out how to fit one into my bag.

If you don’t make it out to the beach take advantage of the many roof top bars in LA. My favourites include EP & LP in West Hollywood and Ace Hotel in DTLA.

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