Sandwiches at the beach: Simmzys, Venice Beach

Down the beach from Muscle Beach and the traditional Venice area you’ll find the kind of less busy Venice Pier. There’s a few restaurants, bars & surf shops- the usual suspects. All this is on our doorstep and we are slowly starting to explore- sort out what is a tourist trap & what isn’t.

Simmzys is a US style pub ie heaps of beers on tap and serving food. I’m pretty sure they have a brewery over in Burbank as they had a lot of beers that were their own.

Because it is by the beach, it’s pretty open and has a nice relaxed feel. The staff are nice and friendly too. I’m pretty sure it gets busy on the weekends but I’m not sure it’s a reservation place.

We were starving so went to test out their sandwiches. I specifically opted for sandwiches rather than burgers because we’ve definitely been eating too many of those (still debatable if sandwiches are a ‘healthier’ option)

So what did we have?

Prawn Po Boy: not a bad sandwich. Fried prawns were a decent size and plentiful in the sandwich. I first tried a Po Boy at Red Dog Sandwiches in London, it was catfish & amazing, which is annoying as the ones I’ve had since have not stacked up. This was a good prawn sandwich but they didn’t feel like a Po Boy to me.

Tri tip : yum. Nice tender meat and the coleslaw in was good. I’d have liked more of those peppers, but that’s me.

You pay normal beach prices here- 2 sandwiches, beer, sangria & a coke came to about $50 plus tip. Not a cheap lunch but what I think is pretty standard.

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