Katy Perry Witness Tour: Staples Center, LA

Katy Perry is one of those artists that you know will put on a show. I had friends see her in London a couple of years ago and said she was awesome. So about 5 months ago I saw tickets that weren’t a bad price and grabbed them.

If I’m honest, I like her old stuff more than I like this Witness album and luck was on my side. I can only assume someone told her I was there and wanted more of the old songs, cause that’s what she delivered on.

I would have been super disappointed if she’d played in LA and not done California Gurls but you can’t not play that for the home crowd. I don’t think it matters how big a star you are- a home crowd is still a home crowd.

Unsurprisingly, she also delivers on a colourful production with lots of costume changes. Now, I’m not saying she’s as good as Kylie, everyone knows she’s the show queen, but it was pretty good.

I think Al’s favourite game at these things is to pick the faults: he loves pointing out when they’re really singing and when they aren’t. I think he decided she sang at least half. I pointed out that I’d like to see him jumping around trying to sing. FYI he did the same thing at Brittney, it’s annoying. He did concede Katy sang way more than Brittney.

I did make an important discovery at the show: I’m not having cheap seats at Staples Center again. They suck. I may have to take this declaration back when someone I really want to see comes along and I can’t afford it. But for now, it’s my sweeping declaration.

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