Puerto Vallarta without doing anything strenuous: Mexico

A 1 armed Jax meant a drastic change of plans for our Puerto Vallarta trip. Not that Puerto Vallarta has a thing against 1 armed people, I think it’s different when you’re used to only having 1 arm. But when you’re 5 days into what turned out to be more than a dislocated shoulder, having flown across the world the day after doing it, plans need adjusted!

So off the list went snorkeling, paddling, boating and all the normal Puerto Vallarta things- in good news it wasn’t even turtle season anyway! Anyway, instead we had a great couple of days doing some much needed relaxing, gossip magazine reading and our first love: eating & drinking! Oh and napping. Beachside napping is the best.

Alright then, things to do that require no real effort but are still lots of fun:

Strolling along the corniche. Like many beachside holibag spots, they have a great corniche for you to walk along. If you fancy, there’s booze & food along the way, people selling you stuff and sculptures to pose with.

** this ones hard to tell but Jax is the one in the middle**

Fishy feet! Just like Bali there are fishy feet everywhere. So we had to do it. Besides, you should have seen the state of these feet, those fish wouldn’t have needed to eat for days!

Shopping!! Oh my god I love shopping and I love it even more with my bestie. There’s markets and little shops everywhere. We walked away with several Mexican blankets, pillowcases, Christmas baubles, Beach baskets & shopper bags- the only regret came when we remembered I needed to carry everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ At least we thought about that when we got to the crockery store, there was heaps there we wanted so badly, but a line was drawn!

Stare pensively at the beach.

Drink giant drinks. Margaritaville was a winner as was wine on the balcony.

Check out the art all over the place!

And of course eating, but more on that in another post. Trust me, we did that well.

All in all, Puerto Vallarta was a great place to spend a few days hanging with your bestie. There’s way more that you could do, but we didn’t need to. We brought our own fun πŸ˜‰


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