Breakfast sandwiches that never disappoint: Eggslut, Venice, California

MMM, Eggslut! I first tried this at Grand Central Market in Downtown LA about 5 years ago: it was worth the queue then, and it is 100% worth it now. I’m not entirely sure how Jax found it in the first place, but I’m sure it made it to our list because the name made us giggle, because we are super mature 🙂

Yellow neon Eggslut logo
Eggslut neon sign

I don’t know if it is possible to go to Eggslut at any of their locations (DTLA, Venice, Las Vegas, Glendale) and not queue, but don’t be put off by it. It moves pretty quickly.

These guys consistently deliver on a great breakfast sandwiches. Watch them for 5 minutes and you will see them operating with precision, it’s like a work of art. You’ll get  sandwich for under $10 which I think is reasonable given the quality of ingredients they use.

Rows upon rows of Eggslut sandwiches on the grill
Eggslut Venice: masters at work

Here’s a tip: don’t try and share a sandwich! Al & I decided to share 2 that we couldn’t decide between, what a mistake. I am confident he ate 3/4!! Normally we’d cut this in half and share that way but it’s not set up for that at Eggslut. No utensils to cut with and to be honest, you’d make a mess of your bun. So instead, I had to fight/race Al for my share 🙂 Next time it will be everyone for themselves!

So what were we fighting over? 2 pieces of deliciousness:

The Fairfax: scrambled eggs, caramelised onions and then we added bacon and avocado. This is really good, the scrambled eggs re super soft.  It is really messy though- not something for a breakfast that you are trying to impress someone at (unless you are impressing them with your demolishing skills)

Cheeseburger: beef patty, fried egg, pickles and cheese. So, so good. I was hankering for a burger the day before so this was a big winner for me. Plus the pickles were really good (not something you normally hear me say).

Oozing egg yolk in a delicious brioche bun hamburger
Yolk explosion on the Eggslut Hamburger

The beauty of the Venice location? Aside from the queue seeming smaller than DTLA, you can walk off your breakkie along the beach after.

white wash on Venice beach, stretching for miles
Venice beach


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