Kick ass vegan: The Butcher’s Daughter, Venice LA

With @anshulraja visiting LA for the first time, I was getting set for a vegetarian tour of LA. Our week-long food tour started in my backyard: Venice. After a bar crawl down Abbot Kinney hitting up Zinque, The Brig & The Otheroom we made it into The Butcher’s Daughter for something to eat.

The space here is beautiful. Lovely high ceilings, light wood and white tiles. I also love that they describe themselves as a ‘vegetable slaughterhouse’. It’s nice to see a plant-based place not taking itself too seriously.

Pear & cashew ricotta tartine: the cashew ricotta wasn’t really for me. I don’t think I’m that into nuts masquerading as cheese.

Jumbo ‘crab’ cakes: These were yum, but not for @anshulraja he is not a fan of veggie stuff mimicking animal stuff. I though it was like a big, good potato cake with hidden quinoa. The harissa sauce was my favourite, you just can’t have too much harissa!

Roasted cauliflower: yum. I just can’t believe how good cauliflower can be. There was a saag sauce, vegan Parmesan and red onion and it all worked together amazingly.

Nectarine & cucumber salad: nice and lightly dressed with the sweet of the nectarine working well in the salad.

Grilled artichoke hearts: This was my favourite. Huge artichokes with this great sun-dried tomato & cashew pesto. Definitely a winning dish

Pizza: I think our pizza was one of the specials as it doesn’t match any of the menu items. It was a great base with a spicy sauce, corn and red onion. It was really good. Can you still call it pizza when there is no tomato sauce? Who cares! It was delicious and @anshulraja could not stop raving about it all week. I’m going to guess he’s still thinking about it back in London.

Basically this place was a perfect start of showing off LA and what they can do with veggies.

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