Worth the wait: Superba Food & Bread, Venice, LA

Some places you just have to accept you are going to queue, Superba is one of those places. I do offer some comfort though, despite seeing a lot of people waiting around outside, we only waited about 15/20 minutes. This place is huge! Plus they turn the tables around at a good pace without you feeling at all like you are being rushed.

Al & I went in for breakfast, of course, but from the looks of their menu & wine wall, any time is a good time at Superba.

While we were waiting for our table I ‘saved time’ by exploring the pastry cabinet and grabbing some take aways for later – we were going car shopping and I thought it was important not to risk getting hungry in that process. It is a definite pastry counter not cake counter, but it looked damn fine.

There were heaps of different croissants so for something different I opted for the Reuben croissant. Man it was good, it seriously tasted like a Reuben. I’ve had good ham & cheese croissants before but the pastrami was a game changer. I also picked up something called a Morning Bun. Basically cinnamon croissant muffin type concoction. Pretty tasty. They had their own pop tarts & all sorts. Basically, don’t skimp on a visit to the pastry counter.

I totally meant to get those donut balls but forgot by the time I got to order.

So these things were for laters, for nows we needed breakfast stuff.

I opted for the marbled eggs. I absolutely intended to get the eggs in purgatory and then ended up with these, so I guess I need to go back to fulfill my original intention. The marbled eggs has ripped up bits of bread, turmeric, avocado, greens and cherry tomato. There’s a smoked chili vinegarette on top but it def needed fresh chilies. Luckily Al’s dish had some that I could steal. Overall, it looked super pretty, tasted really light and fresh and didn’t leave me stuffed, a good breakfast.

Oh, I nearly forgot: I put bacon on the side. It was a good idea. They don’t list it as a side but it’s definitely a thing as I wasn’t the only one with a side plate.

Al opted for the Hangtown Fry, despite only being in a neighboring town, Not-Your-Spritely-Self- Town. It was a mega pile of goodness. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, onions, chilies and OYSTERS!!! WTF! That would push me over the edge if I was in Hangtown. They actually tasted good in the dish which surprised me- I’m not a seafood with breakfast person (nope not even smoked salmon). The potatoes were clearly the favourite though, and with good reason. They were crispy but fluffy little piles of goodness.

So, Superba for breakfast. Is it Superba? Pretty much. It’s in the normal price range for breakfast, the quality of ingredients is high plus, you can watch them making bread.

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