Eating in Paso Robles, California

Wine is the definite star in Paso Robles, but of course, the food is worth exploring. We definitely could have eaten at more places but that’s what happens on a wine weekend.

Joe’s Place. This is great! You are going to wait, but it will be worth it. It’s a diner with a huge menu in a little house. We went for breakfast and I agree, it’s probably the best breakfast in town. I went for the chilaquiles which is think is one of their signature dishes. The sauce was really, really good. I had tri tip added and honestly, it didn’t really need it. There was heaps of meat though so you won’t be disappointed if you do add it. I got the hash brown because I’d heard they were really good. And they sure were. It was like a big rosti.

Al opted for a tri tip scramble which was also really good. Plus those potatoes were good, not as good as my rosti but still really good.

Thomas Hill Organics. A farm to table restaurant that has a seasonally changing menu. We went for:

Scallops with orange, rum sauce. These were so big and juicy. Nicely caramelised in the top and not overwhelmed by the sauce.

Short rib tacos: these were the winning dish. So, so tasty. I have a definite obsession with short rib right now.

Thai chili salmon: the salmon was really beautifully cooked but I was disappointed with the flooding of sweet chili sauce.

Chilean spice rubbed pork shank: Al loved this. I tasted a little and it was good. I’m not a shank sort of person but it was delicious.

And of course, an obligatory cheese board.

Cowgirl Cafe. A good breakfast staples place. We opted for small breakfasts after over doing it the day before and not being able to fit in lunch. As you can see by those pancakes someone, and I’m not pointing any fingers (Al), our small ordering was not too successful.

See what I mean by we could have tried more places? Oh well, we all know there’s going to be a next time: I have to go back and check on my vineyards.

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