Ginormous fried chicken burgers: Two Birds, Irvine, California 

I’ve noticed on my instagram feed that there has been some great looking food in the Irvine/ Santa Ana area, so when we went down for a meeting it was the perfect opportunity to test some out. 

There’s a great outdoor mall down in Irvine and it was pretty tempting to eat at one of the many chain places I’ve seen on tv but I resisted. 

Just near the airport you will find an amazing spot to grab a bite. There’s half a dozen little kiosks and a bar with open air seating. Basically perfect; everyone can get what they want!

We went for Two Birds; yup I saw the burgers on  instagram and was not walking away without trying them.  It’s a simple menu but it really doesn’t need anything more on it- fried chicken, chicken burgers, chips & mac n cheese. 

Al couldn’t resist the double burger, it’s ridiculous how big it is! I think there was actually 4 pieces of chicken in it. The chicken is super crispy fried (probably a bit much for me but perfect for Al) and whatever sauce they are using is amazing. He ended up having to eat one layer of chicken separately, there was no way to attack it otherwise. Look at his face as he realizes he’s over done it again 🙂

They put their sauce on the fries, as I mentioned, it’s amazing so definitely get the fries. The mac n cheese is also really good. Nice and cheesy but still a light sauce. It’s a big pot so I couldn’t get through it all but worth getting. 

I think next time I’ll try from one of the other kiosks but I can see Al getting the chicken again. 

By the time you add on sides and a drink you’re looking at about $20 each including tax & tip which is pretty reasonable considering how full you’re going to be. 

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