Hot Springs in Ojai, California

Some day are just great days for getting out of the city. So when Katie asked if I wanted to come up to Ojai with her to go to the hippy spa I was in! Well I heard spa, so I was in. Turns out she never said spa at all, she said hot springs, but they’re nature’s spa so I wasn’t that far off.

Like all good Perth people, we took the coast road up to Ojai. I hate traveling up the freeway and half the time forget that is even an other option. Why would you want to take it when you can have these views?

Before we hit the hot spring we had to grab something to eat- you know you’re both starving when you realize all you’ve been talking about is restaurants you need to try! We stopped at Farmer and the Cook, which I think is on the edge of town (I get very confused, mainly because I don’t pay enough attention to where I am going). It’s a vegetarian, clean eating-type place. I was in one of those, struggle-to-find-balance-between-starving-and-smart choices, so went for a combo: jalapeños & cheese biscuit & a choco, banana, peanut butter smoothie.

The smoothie was good- ridiculously thick. As in, give up on your paper straw and eat with a spoon thick. Biscuits! Why don’t they just call them scones? I find this very confusing! It was nice though. Light & fluffy and not too greasy. I like the jalapeños kick to it and was particularly happy because it was one of those, take straight out of the cabinet and start eating dishes. Which was lucky, as I am convinced my stomach was starting to eat itself.

Katie opted for a smoothie bowl, which looked beautiful but I don’t think was a good as she wanted. It had a massive icicle in the middle and took forever to come out.

With our tummies full it was time to hit Ecotopia. They’re $20 and so take card(very fortunate). You aren’t allowed to take pics or be on social media so I can’t really show you how gorgeous it is. You’re just going to have to trust me! You’ve got the mountains around you and not a hint of anything else other than where you are.

You can test out a few different pools at the hot spring, all with slightly differing temperatures. There’s also a creek next to them. So the trick is to soak in the heat and then run over and splash into the cold. It was wonderful!

Word of warning though: it’s the hippy spa so not just no social media, there’s nudity. You’re chance of getting an eye full of the dingle berries is high!!

After our splash around we headed back into town for lunch. We stopped at Nest, which had a good amount of people there and looked cute.

I love lunching with Katie- she’s always down for splitting dishes so we can try more! This is a fantastic characteristic in a friend!

We went for the duck squid ink bao bun. Yum. A lot of duck and a little spice which works great in a bao.

And, because we couldn’t stop taking about then on our drive: the chicken burger. Nice piece of chicken in it but the usual super average American bun. I should have grabbed some hot sauce, I always love burgers with hot sauce. The rosemary fries were great too. I love fries.

Not a bad way to spend the day! Especially when you throw in a Rose with a view stop at Casa Del Mar.

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