The winner of #dinela : M.B. Post, Manhattan Beach LA

A social eating place, just up from the beach, M.B. Post is 100% worth the travel. I’ve had my eye on this place for about 6 months now and #dinela was the perfect time to test it out. It was a very generous menu. For $39 it was 4 dishes a person and unlike some places they did not reduce the portion size. I heard the waitress say that the chef didn’t want them to skimp so their menu was one of the best out – well done chef, you definitely achieved it.

The restaurant is described as ‘farm to table new American’ which for me is eclectic fusion. There’s a lot of different flavours with hints of the Middle East, Asia etc that have each dish working together but still, some how, standing out. It designed to be shared – this is an important thing to stress, not just because I like sharing because you get to taste more. The people next to us ordered all their own dishes, often doubling up and I think they really missed out.

I also love the look of the restaurant, it’s my style. Lots of reclaimed wood, concrete floors and my favourite: the kitchen on display. The only thing that I though was slightly off brand for something piped as a social eating house is how many 2s tables there are, I expected much more in the way of communal tables. Maybe they don’t do that because of the large amounts of dishes that get ordered and people like me who may get tempted to ‘get confused’ about where my dishes end and my neighbours start 😁

So what did we pick …

Bacon & cheddar biscuit. These weren’t part of the set menu but you’d be an idiot to come to this place and not order them. They are light and full of flavour. There’s maple butter to add if you want but they don’t even need it.

Pomegranate couscous. This was the middle eastern hint with perfectly cooked couscous, feta cheese squares, smoked almond and pomegranate. I think the best couscous I’ve had.

Sunchokes in a bravas sauce. These were crispy & chewy- I’m not sure how- and almost like a potato inside. The sauce was amazing. A little heat, clear paprika flavour. Pretty much perfection

Broccoflower. Parmesan, lemon and I’m not sure what else but maybe a soy? Definite hit of umami that will have you going back for more.

Prawns. A beautiful curry sauce, noodles and fish/meat balls. This red curry sauce made this dish my favourite. Not hot but banging out flavour.

Scallops. Caramelised to perfection without sacrificing the softness of the body. I think is was a cauliflower & apple purée which complimented the scallop, but it was clear who the star of the show was.

Hanger steak. Super rich, beautiful medium- rare piece of meat with a chimichuri sauce.

Char siu lamb belly. I like the char siu flavour but I don’t like belly. It’s like fat clouds sitting on your tongue.

Meatballs. Big ass, pork and ricotta meatballs with a light Ragu and polenta. I’m not a polenta fan but this was probably the best I’ve had. This dish despite being super yum, probably had the least impact of everything.

And the good news? Doggy bags meant we had leftovers the next day 😁

So the verdict is- get out to Manhattan Beach. I’m itching to try their brunch menu and explore more of their dinner menu.

Tip: it’s a good place to have a reservation for and wear stretchy pants.

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