Aussies in Venice: Great White, Venice LA

I’m pleased to announce, I am not the only awesome Aussie in neighbourhood. Phew! That was a lot of pressure! I’ve gone past Great White a few times on the weekend and it always has a queue, always. With queue like that my chance of getting Al to go are slim to none. So with a Friday off I got my eye on the prize and wandered down the beach hoping this would be everything I wanted it to be.

Spoiler alert: it was 😁

ere's something about an Aussie cafe that's differently wonderful. Yes the accents make smile and bring some kind of comfort, but it's the food. Beautifully fresh produce and dishes that aren't overly complicated. Just a celebration of flavour. Now you may call me biased being Aussie myself, but I'm been to different ones in Australia, England, Germany and US and the same things are true.

So yup, Great White brought it. I went for something I see as a real quintessential dish: corn fritters, avocado and egg, with a little halloumi added. Delicious! The fritters were perfect, so fluffy. Of course the avo was perfect and the egg so beautifully poached I'm inclined to think it was sous vide instead.

And of course the coffee!! Just smelling it made me let out a sigh of relief. A super tasty espresso. Man I love good coffee.

The menu has a lot of great stuff on it- this is definitely about to be my local, I have a lot left to try. And Al is going to have to deal with the queue, it’s worth it.

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