Cheesey, Cheesey goodness: St Moritz Restaurant, Soho London, UK

Back in London visiting friends, and they knew exactly the right place to take me: St Moritz Restaurant in Soho for fondue. My god do I love fondue and my friends know me well. It was a hot as hell day in Soho but that was not going to stop us from having some good fondue.

St Moritz

Little caveat: the lighting was a little funky inside so my pics have come out really red– just imagine they are beautiful 🙂

1st up was a quick gin or two at 100 Wardour. I always meant to go after it opened but then ended up leaving London before I got round to it (typical). It’s lovely inside lots of space and some great lights. Typical London fancy bar prices for gin but a good selection.

Then it was a quick walk over a couple of blocks to the restaurant. There are plenty of good Swiss dishes on the menu but quite frankly, we weren’t looking past the fondue. That being said we started with some raclette and a rosti- yes, I am a big supporter of starting a cheese dinner with a cheese starter 🙂 The rosti was also perfection, not greasy at all.

Then why have 1 fondue when you can have 2! We opted for Moite- Moite with Gruyere and Vacherin cheese, I think this was my favourite one but it is hard to say. The other was the Neuchateloise with Gruyere and Emmenthal.

We were going vegetarian, so grabbed some veg to go on the side for dipping I like that for breaking up some of the heaviness of cheese ie it means I can eat more cheese somehow 🙂

Top tip: put some sliced fresh chili or chili flakes in a bag in your pocket– they make a fondue banging, but you are unlikely to get it at a Swiss restaurant.

The wine menu is very Swiss, which means, it was a real guess what we were ordering, but it worked out.

Things to remember: I have a great fondue pot, I can recreate this at home! Sometimes I create own my own gin bar because I miss good ones of those in LA, and I think after this F45 Challenge, it will be time to create my own fondue restaurant.

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